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Birch - Betula alba Empty Birch - Betula alba

Post by Twisted Pixie on Thu Jan 29, 2009 11:21 am

Birch - Betula alba
- This is the tree of new beginnings and was traditionally used as the may pole at Beltane.
- It was once used to ignite ritual fires because the bark is full of dense oils that ignite easily.
- It can be hung over a cradle for protection or a cradle made from Birch for protection.
- It was said to repell “ill-intentioned” faeries.
- Birch was known as “the way shower”
- Birch forests are sacred to the Goddess Frigga and couples would celebrate May Day by making love in a Birch forest.
- It is a feminine tree and belongs to the element of water.
- It is one of the 9 sacred woods used in ritual fires of the celts.
- Russian folklore – a stem of Birch around which a red ribbon is tied can be carried or hung in the house to ward off the evil eye.
- In European tradition it is considered the lady of the wood.
- It is under the dominion of Venus.
- It is said that if one wishes to communicate with the Goddess, you should sit silently in a grove of Birches and listen for her whispers, which travel on the gentle gusts of the rising wind.
- It is believed that Birch (White Birch) teaches the skill of being truthful with ourselves and learning to recognize whether others are speaking the truth.
- Wands of Birch can be made and used to point the way to clear intent and fresh beginning in life as we enter the season of rebirth.
- Used in spells and rituals for protection, exorcism, and purification.
- Birch will protect your home, invite abundance and secure love.
- Traditional witches brooms were made from an Ash pole, Birch twigs for the broom and willow bindings.
- Burning the dried leaves will “release trapped spirits” (but don’t always take these types of things literally, there are other ways this could be interpreted) and will help you attract love.
- Traditional handfastings: the couple would jump over a Birch broom.
- Use as part of incense for Beltane.
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Birch - Betula alba Empty Re: Birch - Betula alba

Post by Shadow_Kitten on Fri Jan 30, 2009 7:35 am

Yay! Okay, I officially want a birch May Pole, lol.

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